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Pest Control Specialist (India) Services (PCS) – A BUSINESS OPERATION OF PCS CROPSCIENCE

Pest Control Specialist (India) Services (PCS) in India is a business operation of PCS Pest is a pioneer in the field of public health, being a major contributor in this segment since several years.

The business areas covered by PCS, India are diverse in order to address the specific needs of the customers, covering three major segments:

Vector Control, Professional Pest Control and Green Industry

Pest Control Specialist (India) Services (PCS) keeps a stringent eye on Quality Assurance, elevates the level of technological competence, and assures technical service to customers through long lasting partnerships.

The commitment of PCS is to consistently deliver high quality research products for the control of insect pests of public health. Such products include pesticides to manage malaria vectors, cockroaches, rodents, termites, stored grain pests, house flies and other pests in general.


Though several pesticides and their formulations are available in the market - before selecting a pesticide and appropriate formulation - consideration should be given to the biological effectiveness against the pest concerned, the ease of application, its safety to humans and non-target organisms and the quality of the formulation. It is for the high deliverables on these important attributes that PCS plays a significant role inl health pest management in this country.

Under the motto 'To Help People Live A Better Life', PCS also provides "Before and after sales service" to the customers which happens to be our greatest strength in the industry. PCS regularly provides technical support and training to the customers and thus greatly contributes in providing a pest free and disease free living.


A wide range of products are available at PCS to address the varied customer needs and ensure a long lasting protection from various insect pests.